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Time for Super Awesome Happy Update!

2009-04-23 22:18:19 by CrazyDuckProductions

Good song:

/* */
A pray mantis that just won the lotto:

Time for Super Awesome Happy Update!


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2009-04-30 17:17:48

OMG that pray mantis is sexy!

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

he also just won the lotto.... lucky bastard. :/


2009-05-10 07:12:03

I just got hard, i like rich, young praying mantisis

CrazyDuckProductions responds:



2009-06-01 20:46:15

dude, awesome song :D it made me dance a jig, praying mantis won the lotto eh?.....where does he live? :D i would most like to congratulate him.....with some super special buddy stabs

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

that song made you came didn't it... DIDN'T IT >:(

he lives at #6 oakley drive... just look for the hummer.


2009-06-02 22:08:53

.....yes......yes it did ._. i'm so sorry, i'll clean up your monitor as soon as i can

ffffffffffffffffffffffffff-great :D thank you very much

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

its ok... i just wanted to hear you say it... That monitor has a place in life now.
Thank you.

stab in once for me :D thanks buddy.


2009-07-04 00:47:03

WOAH......i see you still postin the same post