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wow... just look at that

2009-02-19 03:26:11 by CrazyDuckProductions

that guy in the photo with me is my best mate darren. he does alot of the voices in my cartoon.

i'm the handsome one with the white shirt on... yeah... uhh... <_<

also, i drew this picture, its a resolution of 1680 - 1050. so it's made to fit my monitor perfectly. i also made it in resolutions of 1024 - 768 and 1280 - 1024.

the picture is a promo of the cartoon short film i plan on making in the future. it reminds me of futurama :D

the version i uploaded is the 1280 - 1024

wow... just look at that


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2009-02-19 08:21:29

Wow, he`s ugly.

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

lol thats not really nice now is it.


2009-02-19 18:50:47

comment hehe. awesome picture :D

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

i know its great. i told u i was the handsom one :p
lol hahahaha

or were u talking about the pic i drew?


2009-02-25 18:26:31

I hear you like money :P

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

:o you know me better than i know me.


2009-03-05 17:05:01

-slaps- HOW DARE THE GO TO MY PAGE! I SHOULD BE THE ONE SUEING YOU STALKER. Maybe also pressing charges with a restraining order maybe? If i'm feeling nice i'll do it. IF not you're off the hook. HAHA almost got ya now did i? i used reverse phycology. EAT THAT HARVARD BITCHES. Don't ask.......yeah......hi... =D i like smiles, but don't wanna be a dentist. They are evil minions of satan. Grats on being lvl 2 and having no trophies. =P you're almost like me except the fact i'm lvl 6 going strong to lvl 7. byeeeeeeeeeeeee and no my mirror along with kenny

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

yes money DOES make me happy thanks for asking :D


2009-03-11 21:48:47

money makes you happy? D: sicken me my good man >:C MONEY BE THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL......and i don't mean the good, cool, i wanna torture people because it's fun and because i'm an awesome lady atracting psychopath evil, but the bad annoying kind of, i want money buahahha cuz i is cool internet evil noob evil >:3. muhahahahaha*cough*ha......evil.....y es...

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

well... it's not like the world leaders would just give me a billion dollars out of the blue... so whats the point in asking?
so i figured i'll just do what every other evil mastermind does and hold the world hostage :D


2009-03-12 18:46:45

that's not the point, the poiint is, i's more eviler than you.....haha >:D

CrazyDuckProductions responds:

D: are you challenging me?
*sets up death ray* >:]